Site Specific Rope Sculpture by Orly Genger

For me it's one of those fantastic moments where the internet makes known to you something entirely new. How can you not be thrilled with this kind of thing?

I'd never heard of Orly Genger before, but I really wish that I could experience one of the site specific sculptures at least somewhat like you see below (the choice to include primary colors is not a coincidence for this art centric blog, either).

She uses a very known and familiar material, rope, in a very different than "normal" way - which makes us interact with, and experience, it in a very new way. If you search around you'll see some of the pieces coming together, and there are other types of work to see on her site, and it is utterly fascinating. I highly recommend even a simple google search of images by her, and if you have the chance to check out some of her work in person, let me know what you think.

New Content

It's just a tricky thing, to put the content that I have been teaching for years up on this site while doing all the other things that life teaching full-time.

At any rate, I do have a small batch of new content up on the site in both the Drawing and Painting categories, so check it out.

Check out the Colored Pencil, Funky Face, and Level 3 Acrylic pages for more information and let me know what you think in the comments. Is there something you'd like to see sooner vs later? I can post that too.



The Key In The Hand

Design You Trust is a website I like to peruse every so often. There is no regular visit you can count on from me, but there is usually something that grabs my interest when I do wander by there.

The Key In The Hand by Chiharu Shiota is a beautiful exhibition piece at the current Venice Biennale and is comprised of 50,000 keys suspended by what looks like miles of red thread above two boats.

Not only is the piece visually stunning, but discusses the idea(s) of journey, travel, and lives lived.

The Daily Splice

Where did the original finding of The Daily Splice (the work of Adam Hale) come from?

Great question. While we don't know the answer, we sure do love the work that gets posted to instagram and tumblr by this London based collage artist.

The idea of taking a discarded media source on public transit and making it into something lovely - and art - is just fantastic.

"The Daily Splice was started early in 2015 as a platform to share my analogue collage work, created using free weekly London magazines. There’s an immediacy to the work in which current topics, trends and affairs are given new context, turning something disposable into something of permanence." - Adam Hale