Site Specific Rope Sculpture by Orly Genger

For me it's one of those fantastic moments where the internet makes known to you something entirely new. How can you not be thrilled with this kind of thing?

I'd never heard of Orly Genger before, but I really wish that I could experience one of the site specific sculptures at least somewhat like you see below (the choice to include primary colors is not a coincidence for this art centric blog, either).

She uses a very known and familiar material, rope, in a very different than "normal" way - which makes us interact with, and experience, it in a very new way. If you search around you'll see some of the pieces coming together, and there are other types of work to see on her site, and it is utterly fascinating. I highly recommend even a simple google search of images by her, and if you have the chance to check out some of her work in person, let me know what you think.