The Phone

I love my iphone. I've loved what it has allowed me - and everyone, really - to accomplish.

Is it a glorious waste of time? Absolutely. Does it provide opportunity that would likely not be available otherwise? Sure.

But there have been two things I've seen lately that really make me step back and think...huh.

The first is the Ivan Cash video, Phone Life. Watch it. Super interesting.

The second, which has really struck me as a parent and educator, is a NYT article on Compulsive Teenage Texting.
I mean what, compulsive messaging can lead to lower test scores? Crazy.

I am not a fan of testing for testing sake, I think we should be looking at the whole person, but the article - and the research it brings up - also brings up how compulsively texting teens have this addiction, and this addiction is very much like that of compulsive gamblers.

I don't know about you, but I don't know a lot of parents that want their wonderful child to be compared to someone with a gambling addiction. That is kind of crazy. But isn't it real?

We seen how there is an addiction to the screen (computer or phone or tv) and how we turn to it when we don't even want to. Too often we don't know what else to do, or are too afraid to really be in the moment - with others or with our self, and isn't that unfortunate. We know that our devices keep us up at night and make it harder to sleep because of the light they expose us to, so that might be part of why lower scores are seen, but regardless of the reasons for the low scores, are our phones so important that we would so willingly give up so much?