Learning to Code is Overrated

That headline got my attention when I saw that article published on the Daily News. Actually, someone linked it on Twitter...maybe Wired? I'm not sure. It doesn't matter, but in a classic sense of finding something you agree with, this was almost a home run for me.

The author, Jeff Atwood, lays out a really compelling argument about learning to code and how it isn't all that important. 

Well, that is my summary, really, but he says that learning to code is something anyone can do, and it is much less important than higher order thinking skills. What? A well versed programmer saying that creative thinking, communication, and problem solving are more integral to success and happiness than knowing the ins and outs of ones and zeros? Yup. That's it.

"There’s nothing wrong with basic exposure to computer science. But it should not come at the expense of fundamental skills such as reading, writing...", says Mr. Atwood. That's what he wants for his own children, to be able to think. To discern deeply. To have an understanding.

Sounds like good stuff to me. A strong pedagogical foundation, if you will. He also puts out an interesting correlation to that classic blue collar worker, the auto mechanic. Someone we all need from time to time, but not someone I would guess most parents want their children to be.


Find the entire article from Mr. Atwood on the Daily News.