Advertising Drawing (level 2)

Goals and Objectives

  1. To see advertising and art and vice versa
  2. To show an understanding of typography and its use as a graphic element
  3. To combine images and/or the style of images from past decades to convey a "feel" in their imagery
  4. To contribute as part of a group to the overall execution of a piece of art

Step by Step

  1. Demo and review typography
  2. Demo and then go to computer lab and use desktop computers for Kerning Game
  3. I usually also have the students do the Shape Exercise Game and the Color Exercise Game just because they are fun
  4. Introduce the project via this Prezi Presentation while stressing the role of advertising and how imagery is influential and fits in to the curriculum
  5. Assign students to groups (size depends on size of class and needs of instructor) and random decades (for ex: 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, etc.)
  6. The older decades should be googled for examples of Advertising Examples from that decade
  7. Once images are searched for, students work in their sketchbooks to sketch out all the ideas they find interesting
  8. They should be paying attention to text and images alike and realizing they will have to create their own unique image by compiling the images and style that they find
  9. Once they have decided on an image/idea, students gesture draw and draw out their final image
  10. They may split up the duties and even cut up their piece of paper so it can be worked on simultaneously
  11. Students begin to ink their drawing, paying attention to shape(s), type, spacing, etc.
  12. Final image should read as graphic and evoke the decade from which they drew their source images, though it should not be a "straight" duplication of one specific image
  13. I have the students center the type around signing up for Art, but you can have them "advertise" anything you choose


  • ipad or other means to look up source images
  • 12" x 18" drawing paper (11"x17" printer paper may also be used)
  • pencil/eraser
  • scissors
  • adhesive (scotch tape works fine for copies, but glue stick or rubber cement is better)
  • Pen & Ink and/or art markers and/or sharpies
  • the internet, for the initial scaffolding exercises


  • This project typically takes approximately six to seven class periods of 90 minutes each


If you would like digital photographs of examples of this project please email with your request.

This project follows is an extension of the typography work done via the Album Cover Project in Level 1, and is used to "advertise" the art program around campus during registration second semester

Some select supplies can be found with the below links: