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Our purpose and desire

This - and education in general - isn't about one teacher. Or one department within one school for that matter. It is about the collective. The collective experiences of the tried and true; the experiences of the tried and failed; and the experiences we've seen our peers live through. Those things enforce our daily instruction and what we hope to pass on to future generations of creative people.

As a beginning teacher we remember what it was like. How do I begin? How do I "best" scaffold? How long is this supposed to take? How much can I get done in one day? One week? One month? What do I do with the students just blazing through to get done so they can just sit there? How do I engage everyone?

So many questions. So. Many. Questions.

As with everything in the art studio, take it and use it and make it your own. Almost all of the projects can be altered and tailored for the materials and level of your students. Check back often as the only thing keeping more from being added is the time we are putting in to our own classrooms.

This website is a collection of lessons that have worked. Hopefully they work for you. They come from experienced teachers, and if you'd like to include one from your studio, just email us at forgeronstudios@gmail.com


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